ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation

Quantum-Phase-Field Theory

Prof. Dr. Ingo Steinbach

The phase-field theory its further development and application to microstructure evolution in technical materials build the main focus of the department Scale-Bridging Thermodynamic and Kinetic Simulation (STKS). Exciting new perspectives are opening by the quantization of this theory. This is acheived by interpreting the phase-field as a finite domain where quantum fluctuations defined by a wave function |w> exist, i.e. an infinite spectrum of quantum oscillators is attached to non-zero values of the field. The solution of the energetics of these quantum states determines the dynamics of the phase-fields. As an application we find “gravitational” interaction in a network of a large number of neutral elementary particles, defined by gradient energy contributions of the field in the thin interface limit, published in [Steinbach, Z. Naturforschung A, 72, 51–58, (2017)]. Further development of the theory will focus on the introduction of charge and a consistent description of the quasi-local limit of space-time which corresponds to the “thin interface limit” of a classical phase-field theory.

Scheme of a number of five quantum-phase-fields forming three elementary particles as junctions. The junctions and fields can be pictured as knots and ropes respectively, forming a multi-dimensional network.


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