Phase-field Simulations of Microstructures

Dr. Oleg Shchyglo

The “Phase field simulation of microstructures” group is working on a numerous scientific problems related to the modeling of microstructures emerging during liquid-solid and solid-solid phase transformation. Our research projects range from solidification including melt convection and free solid particles motion, precipitation, eutectoid and martensitic transformations. For our modeling we employ the multiphase field method which is known to provide quantitatively accurate results.

The group is actively developing an open source phase field simulation library “OpenPhase” which is closely related to our scientific projects. The aim of the OpenPhase project is to enable interested researches to perform high quality quantitative simulations of the microstructure formation during phase transformations. At a current state the OpenPhase project allows to perform simulations of grain-growth, solidification processes with melt convection, diffusion controlled liquid-solid phase transformations such as eutectic and peritectic reactions in Fe-C, and solid-solid phase transformations in the system with strong elastic inhomogeneity. The project is object oriented and fully parallel, allowing to perform simulations of reasonably big domains and is the main simulation platform in our group.

Formation of a concentration depletion zone near the inclusion/matrix boundary due to the concentration dependence of the elastic moduli, assisted by the local stress due to the inclusion eigenstrain.

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Early stage of the dendritic solidification process simulated using the OpenPhase toolkit including the advection/convection mechanisms.

Dr. Oleg Shchyglo
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Pearlite formation in steels
(A. Gießmann)
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Eutectic solidification of Pt-C
(A. Monas and N. Moradi)
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Mg-Al solidification
(A. Monas and D. Pawlik)
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Recent Publications

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J. Mosler, O. Shchyglo, H. Montazer Hojjat A novel homogenization method for phase field approaches based on partial rank-one relaxation, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 68, 251-266, (2014)

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H. Rösner, M. Peterlechner, C. Kübel, V. Schmidt et al. Density changes in shear bands of a metallic glass determined by correlative analytical transmission electron microscopy, Ultramicroscopy, 142, 1-9, (2014)