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On the thermophysical properties and the solid-liquid transition of pure elements

Date: 29.10.2012
Place: SF2M Annual Meeting 2012, Paris, France

Mauro Palumbo
Suzana Fries

The knowledge of liquid metallic alloys properties is critical to optimaize their preparation. i.e.:

  • thermophysical properties (volume weight, surface tension, interfacial energy and its anisotropy, viscosity, electrical conductivity ...)
  • thermochemical properties (heat capacity, thermal conductivity, equilibrium phase diagram, latent heat ...)

This knowledge is essential, for instance, for the numerical modelling of processes involving liquid-solid phase change such as continuous casting or foundry. Accurate measurements are difficult and tricky, particularly for alloys having high melting point (nickel based alloys, titanium, niobium, rhenium, molybdenum ...) and also because a high degree of purity for the materials is necessary.

This symposium will focus on experimental measurements of these properties as well as on their determination from ab initio or molecular dynamic calculations. The topic will be introduced by a well known researcher in the field of thermophysical and thermochemical properties measurements.

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