ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation
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ICAMS organizes and contributes to the organization of scientific conferences and workshops.

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Superalloy Data Science 2020
January 2020, Bochum Germany

International symposium, 30-31 January 2020. This workshop will give an overview of recent progress in superalloy data science with a focus on single crystal Ni-base and Co-base alloys.

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TOFA 2020
September 28 - October 02 2020, Bad Staffelstein, Germany

The Discussion Meeting on Thermodynamics of Alloys (TOFA) is a biennial event of the experimental, theoretical, and computational thermodynamics international community and will take place from September 28 - October 02 2020 at Kloster Banz, Bad Staffelstein, Germany.

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The Materials Chain International Conference 2020
November 24–26, 2020, Bochum, Germany

This conference provides a platform for connecting across boundaries – from basic research on materials to applied technologies, from the fundamental description of materials on the atomic scale to the properties of technical components and their manufacturing.

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