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ICAMS organizes and contributes to the organization of scientific conferences and workshops.

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Interface-Controlled Microstructures
Symposium at the DPG Spring Meeting, March 2017, Dresden

Mechanical Properties and Mechano-Chemical Coupling: With this workshop, we aim at presenting and discussing the state of the art in experiment, modeling and theory of interfacial properties – mechanical, chemical, and coupling-related – and of how they feed into interface-controlled mechanical and functional materials behavior.

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Data Driven Materials Design
Symposium at the DPG Spring Meeting, March 2017, Dresden

The symposium will consist of invited and contributed talks and a poster session. Contributions should highlight the importance of data for progress in materials science by providing best practice examples, by addressing open questions, by contributing to method development or similar.

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Modelling and Simulation of Superalloys 2017
March 2017, Bochum, Germany

International workshop, 29-31 March 2017 and hands-on tutorials, 27-28 March 2017
This workshop will give an overview of recent progress in modelling and simulation of materials for superalloys, with a focus on single crystal Ni-base and Co-base alloys.

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MRS Spring Meeting- Symposium CM1
April 2017, Phoenix (AZ), USA

MRS Spring Meeting 2017
Symposium CM1
Emergent Material Properties and Phase Transitions under Pressure

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June 2017, Saint-Malo, France

The International CALPHAD Conference has been held regularly since 1973, and provides those who are interested in thermodynamics, kinetics and related subjects of phase diagrams with friendly atmosphere of discussion of their works.

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