ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation


ICAMS academic research is closely related to industrial research and development. We develop and apply new scale bridging simulation methods for materials research with the goal to transfer these techniques to industrial research.

ICAMS organizes bi-annularly „Advanced Discussions“ which are used to
show- case the current research of three of the total of six project
groups and to get input from our industrial partners. For further information see our Events section.



Young Enterprises:

Two young enterprises have emerged from ICAMS in which their founders transfer knowledge gained during their graduation from academic research to industrial application:


OpenPhase Solutions
offers support and service for the microstructure simulation software OpenPhase.
Further information can be found at the company’s website.
Imprintec – Material Testing Solutions
is specialized on strength and hardness testing equipment for quality assurance and optimization.
Further information can be found at the company’s website.



ICAMS Flyer:

The ICAMS flyer gives a short overview over our scientific aims, our structure and the research performed at ICAMS.


Download the ICAMS flyer:

High resolution pdf (7.0 MB)

Low resolution pdf (248 KB)