Project Groups

Defects and Elementary Processes

Identification of relations between crystal imperfections and elementary processes that determine the material properties on larger length and time scales.

Deformation Mechanisms and Phase Transformations

Description of mechanical properties and microstructure evolutions of multi-phase materials. Development of a multi-field simulation platform for industrial and academic research.

Kinetics of Phase Transitions

Within the project group atomistic and mesoscale approaches are combined to obtain a better understanding of processes involved phase transformations, especially with respect to the underlying kinetics and mechanisms.

Thermodynamics and Phase Stability

Calculation of phase diagrams.
Creation of a thermodynamic steel database.

Transport and Response

Development and application of scale-bridging methods for the description of transport properties in soft and hard condensed matter. Examples range from thermo- and piezoelectric effects to stress-response in systems under steady shear.
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