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Copper diffusion in TaN-based thin layers

S. G. Fries, J. Nazon, B. Fraisse, J. Sarradin, N. Frety, J. C. Tedenac.

Applied Surface Science, Elsevier Science BV, 254, 5670-5674, (2008)

The diffusion of Cu through TaN-based thin layers into a Si substrate has been studied. The barrier efficiency of TaN/Ta/TaN multilayers of 150 nm in thickness has been investigated and is compared with that of TaN single layers. Thermal stabilities of these TaN-based thin layers against Cu diffusion were determined from in situ X-ray diffraction experiments, conducted in the temperature range of 773–973 K. The TaN/Ta/TaN barrier appeared to be more efficient in preventing Cu diffusion than the TaN single layer.

Keyword(s): tantalum nitride; reactive sputtering; microstructure; diffusion; in situ glancing analysis
DOI: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2008.03.015
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