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Effect of surface traps on the transport of radiation-induced charge carriers in polymers

A. P. Tyutnev, J. Kundin, V. S. Saenko, E. D. Pozhidaev.

Polymer Science Series A, 44, 2160-2170, (2002)

Basic models proposed to describe carrier transport in polymers are inspected as applied to the results obtained by time-of-flight and radiation-induced conductivity techniques. It was shown that discrepancy between data obtained in these measurements should be attributed to different modes of generation of charge carriers; the surface generation in the former case and the bulk generation in the latter case. The most likely reason for the observed discrepancy is the effect exerted by the surface layer of a polymer on the shape of transient current curves (appearance of plateau), especially strong in the time-of-flight technique. A theoretical explanation of this phenomenon is proposed. Calculations showed the possibility of appearance of a plateau in the transient current curve upon pulse generation and electrode injection of charge carriers used in the time-of-flight method.

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