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Demonstration of the use of “BINGSS” with the Mg-Zn system as example

L. Lukas, S. G. Fries.

Journal of Phase Equilibria, 13, 532-541, (1992)

BINGSS is a program for least squares optimization of thermodynamic descriptions using experimental phase diagram and thermodynamic data. The number of measured values used is unlimited. Some special features and improvements since the first publication of this program are outlined. The models for the thermodynamic description and their adjustable coefficients must be well selected. Missing parameters may disable the fit between experimental and calculated values. Too many coefficients may be undefined and may cause divergence of the calculation. Some ideas on how to handle these problems are demonstrated using the Mg-Zn system as an example. This paper was presented at the International Phase Diagram Prediction Symposium sponsored by the ASM/MSD Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria Committee at Materials Week, October 21-23,1991, in Cincinnati, Ohio. This symposium was organized by John Morral, University of Connecticut, and Philip Nash, Illinois Institute of Technology.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02665766
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