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Present achievements, problems and perspectives associated with a semi-empirical study of the Al-Cu-Mg-Si-Zn light alloy system

S. G. Fries, I. Hurtado, T. Jantzen, J. P. Spencer, K. C. Hari Kumar, F. Aldinger, P. Liang, H. L. Lukas, H. S. Seifert.

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 267, 90-99, (1998)

In this paper, the main achievements of the thermodynamic assessment of the Al-Cu-Mg-Si-Zn system are summarised and necessary key experiments identified in order to improve the thermodynamic description. A review of the main features of the thermodynamic models that are used for describing various non-stoichiometric intermediate phases, as well as problems associated with their compatibility and application is presented. The possibility of using more physically realistic models for the representation of multicomponent systems is also discussed. The influence of the descriptions on further, process-related calculations, such as those applied to solidification and heat treatment, is considered.

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