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Progress in modelling of order-disorder transformations with the compound energy formalism

B. Sundman, S. G. Fries, A. Kussowsky, W. A. Oates.

M. Koiwa, K. Otsuka, T. Miyazaki,

The Japan Institute of Metals Proceedings Solid-Solid Phase Transformations, PTM’99, 12, 689-692, (1999)

In the design of industrial alloys, which often contain as many as 10 components, phase diagrams can be calculated very quickly when the point approximation is used for the configurational entropy. Many features are, however, lost by ignoring short range order and it is desirable to improve on the entropy approximation used. Our recent attempts in this direction, within the context of the compound energy formalism (CEF), are discussed together with some possibilities for future improvements.

Keyword(s): copper alloys; entropy; gold alloys; modelling; order-disorder transformations; phase diagrams; short-range order
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