ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation

Research Highlights

Kanapy: synthetic polycrystalline microstructure generator with geometry and texture

A. Biswas, M. Ramaswamy Guru Prasad, N. Vajragupta, A. Hartmaier.

In Kanapy-v1, an efficient modeling strategy for generating the geometry of the synthetic microstructures using statistical data was presented. Some of the novel features provided include: modeling complex microstructures consisting of irregular grain shapes, particle (grain) packing through collision detection and response system, and collision handling through a two-layer collision detection scheme. Synthetic microstructures are a key aspect of the micromechanical modeling approach for the prediction of mechanical properties. Apart from microstructure geometry, a vital component of polycrystalline microstructures that has substantial influence on the material behavior is texture. Therefore, a synthetic microstructure can be considered incomplete without the information of texture. This is addressed in the current version of Kanapy by including new efficient texture reduction and orientation assignment algorithms to the already existing package.

Version 2 of the previously developed synthetic microstructure generator KANAPY, including the texture module for orientation and disorientation reconstruction.