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Since the waiting time for a visa appointment in countries such as Iran or Nigeria might be up to one year, we ask applicants from these countries to take this into account for their planning. Therefore, if possible, apply by June 15 or at the latest by September 15, 2021 for the following winter semester 2022/23. Even if you apply in March 2022, the time to start your studies in October 2022 is likely to be too short!


The requirements for admission to the masters course are:

  • A Bachelor (B.Sc.) or comparable degree in one of the following or related disciplines:
    Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Mathematics.
  • Academic achievement in the scope of at least 6 ECTS points in the subjects: material sciences, solid-state physics, physical chemistry or related subjects. All together, academic achievements of at least 30 ECTS points must be verified in these or comparable subjects. Furthermore additional academic achievements of at least 20 ECTS points must be verified in mathematics, numerical mathematics advanced programming language or other comparable subjects.
  • Adequate English language skills
  • Students who have irrevocably failed the final exam of a master’s, bachelor’s or diploma degree at a university in one of the disciplines mentioned above cannot apply for the master’s course Materials Science and Simulation.

The examination board of the master’s course is entitled to raise further requirements in the individual case.


Application deadlines

We offer two application deadlines for students from non-EU countries. Depending on the duration of the visa process in your country you can either choose March 15 or June 15.

Important: Please note that in some countries (e.g. Nigeria or Iran) the waiting time for a visa appointment might currently take up to 12 months plus additional time for the processing of the visa.



Applications can be made online only. Before starting the application procedure you should make sure that you have the following electronic documents at hand:

  • Passport photo (jpg)
  • Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
  • School leaving certificate (pdf)
  • Qualifying academic degree (pdf)
  • Subjects and grades (pdf)
  • Letter of motivation (free text, must be directly entered into the online form)
  • Non native English speakers: English language certificate (pdf):
    • certificate that English has been language of instruction during the bachelor’s programme
    • TOEFL: minimum score 550 points paper-based, 215 computer-based or 79 internet-based; the TOEFL score must be sent to us directly from ETS; Institution code: 3580
    • IELTS: Minimum score 6.0; the IELTS score must be sent to us directly from the testing centre.
  • Students from China: APS document (pdf)


All certificates have to be translated into English or German. Make sure to send in only scanned copies of original documents.

The original documents will be required when registering at the university. If the original documents are not in English or German language, you have to add additional certified translations, i.e. by a sworn interpreter.

Start the online application here.

When your application has been received by us, you will be informed by email. As soon as the admission committee has decided on your admission, you will again be notified immediately by email. Please understand that, in case you are rejected, we cannot return your application documents, as we do not charge any application fees. Besides, no detailed reasons will be given in case of a rejection.

For further information, career perspectives and career examples please visit the general information section.