ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation

General Information


In recent years theoretical and practical knowledge in numerical methods has proven to be one of the most decisive key competences of nationally and internationally successful materials scientists and this development is still to continue. The Ruhr-University Bochum meets this need for material scientists trained in numerical simulation and experimental characterization and processing techniques by establishing the Master of Science programme „Materials Science and Simulation“, which started in the winter term 2010/11. The programme focuses on providing you with a thorough knowledge in materials science and numerical methods. Furthermore it will enable you to apply your practical skills and knowledge in experimental settings already during your studies.
Therefore, graduates will be able to resort to sustained knowledge and competences and thus have the best prerequisites to meet the challenges in their future industrial or scientific work environment.

The programme will provide you with:

  • a comprehensive knowledge of materials science, physics and numerical methods
  • practical experience and the necessary theoretical background in applying modern numerical and experimental methods on all relevant scales
  • competence to plan and conduct key experiments in modern characterization and processing techniques
  • the ability to apply advanced modelling and simulation methods
  • the build-up of research competence by planning and conducting student research projects
  • a thorough understanding of the interrelation between processing, structure and properties of materials
  • hands-on experience in project-oriented teamwork, project management skills and interdisciplinary communication.

Those who wish to enrol in this degree programme,

… have:

  • a basic understanding of the behaviour and numerical modelling of materials
  • a substantial understanding of material science or solid-state physics;

… enjoy:

  • an international, interdisciplinary and intercultural field;

… struggle through:

  • quantum mechanics,
  • thermodynamics,
  • material properties and characterisation,
  • implementation of physical and mathematical models in simulation applications,
  • programming techniques.

Further information…

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