ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation

Career Perspectives


Schedule for possible career pathways (click image to enlarge).

Possible Careers

The master’s course Materials Science and Simulation opens pathways for careers in academia and industry.
Graduates are trained in cutting-edge characterization and simulation techniques, that find their application in nowadays development departments and research institutions. However for many positions in industrial research departments, a PhD is still recommendable.

Further Qualification: Your PhD at ICAMS

Conducting a PhD thesis at ICAMS means that you will get hands-on experience with the most advanced methods in multiscale materials modelling and numerical simulations on high-end compute clusters.

During your PhD phase you will also learn how to analyse problems in materials science and how to suggest and validate solutions based on multiscale materials modelling. Thus, you will become an independent researcher and learn how to tackle and solve scientific problems.

Such skills are indispensable for any further career and will enable you to fill responsible positions either in industry or academia.