ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation

Tasks after your successful application


After your successful application there will be a number of practical tasks for you to organize. The list below provides you with information concerning your stay during the next two years. Some of the points are time-critical (marked in bold).

What you need to do:

1. Visa and Visa Extention In many cases, foreign students require a visa to be able to enter Germany. Find out what kind of visa you need and apply for it as early as possible.You have to extend your visa after arriving in Germany at the Foreign Citizens‘ Office of the City of Bochum (address: Willy-Brand-Platz 8-10, 2nd floor, 44777 Bochum)

Visa Regulations
Visa Extension

At least 3 months before departure and 1st month after arriving

2. Habitation Apply for a room in the student hall.
Rent deposit amounts to 1-2 monthly rents.
Cancellation period for rooms/apartments in student halls is 1 month, for common private flats it is usually 3 months.

Student’s Hall Residence
Accomodation International Portal
WG gesucht

At least 2 months before departure

3. Registration in the Community Centre For your registration you need a current passport and the rent contract or reservation confirmation of your apartment
The registration has to be done within a week after arriving in Bochum. This information refers to the administrative procedures of Bochum, other cities may have different requirements. Please inform yourself about registration issues in your city, e.g. appointment, fees or necessary documents.

Bochum City (German only)

1st week after arriving

4. Bank account You have to open a bank account at a German bank (checking account) for operating payments for rent, student fees, health insurance a.s.o. Checks or cash payments are unusual for these purposes in Germany. With the bank card (the so called EC-card) you can also pay in many shops. Credit cards are less common
in Germany. To open a bank account, you need:

  • your passport
  • certificate of enrollment (your student ID card is not enough)
  • your lease contract

The following banks have branches in Uni-Center:

The following bank has an automated tellers at the Ruhr-University campus:

After your enrollment at the Ruhr-University

5. Residence Permit You have to apply for a residence permit for the time of your studies in Germany. The documents needed are:

  • an up-to-date biometric passport photo
  • health insurance certificate
  • proof of sufficient financial means (in 2011 about 660 EUR/month)

the residence permit allows you to work part time (19 h/week max.)

Residence permit information

(In Dortmund, you need an appointment for a residence authorization in!)

First 3 months after arriving, at earliest 1 week after getting registered at the city hall

6. Matriculation Each semester you have to pay the so-called social fee to the university, amounting to about 336 € and being slightly raised each semester. After the payment you will be able to print a new matriculation certificate and to extend your public transportation ticket.

Social Fee Information (German)

1st week after arriving

7. Student Rail Pass / Season Ticket The season ticket will be valid from the official start of your first semester at the university, i.e. April 1st and October 1st.The student ticket allows you to use any means of local public transportation in the VRR region. Taking a bike with you onto the train is free as well as having a second person riding on your ticket together with you from Monday-Friday after 7pm, and around the clock on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. There is also a NRW rail pass, which has to be printed out extra every semester via VSPL. This rail pass is for one person, i.e. the ticket owner, only but allows you to travel through the whole area of NRW (see link below for a map; the ticket equals to the price category D).

VRR Transportation Service
Map of Regional Transportation

After enrollment/payment of student fee

8. Orientation The International Office offers special orientation weeks for foreign students at the beginning of the semester. Please visit the links below for further information on the offered program.

Orientation Week
International Office

Site Map RUB

Obligatory registration; 1 week before semester start

9. University library Your Student ID serves the purpose of a library card. Before borrowing books you have to get your card activated at the library service counter. Please take notice that a few items cannot be borrowed but only copied in the library building (see below for further information). It is not allowed to take bags, backpacks, jackets or notebook cases with you, neither are food and drinks allowed with the exception of water bottles. There are safe deposit boxes in the entry of the library. The deposit is a 2€ coin.

If you want to take your personal belongings into the library (notebook, papers etc) you can use the blue library baskets offered for free for transportation.

Every faculty has its own library, too. These are reference libraries the items of which may not be borrowed with a few exceptions. Please inform yourself about the respective lending rules.

Central Library

10. Photocopying Your student ID is not only your ID or your semester ticket but also your copy card for several copy machines on the campus (e.g. in the university library or faculty libraries). You will also find a copy centre in the Campus Center (the building between GA and MA). You can only pay cash here. You can find two other copy centers on the campus: one in building GB (floor 02) and one in GA (floor 03). You can pay cash in GB. For the copy center in GA you will need an extra copy card. There are two more copy shops in the Uni-Center where you can pay cash.

Print Center (German only)
Campus Center (German only)

11. Financing There are several scholarships, most of them are bound to a specific faculty.
Please inform yourself about the specific equirements for applications.

Scholarship Information
Scholarship Database

12. Food Service There is one big canteen behind the Audimax and many smaller cafeterias in almost every building of the university. The cafeteria nearest to ICAMS can be found in the building ID.You can get cheap breakfast there or eat lunch with thin wallets. Items cost from 0,80 € for a sandwich to 5,00 € for a whole meal.
The menu in the canteen and the takeaway meal in the cafeterias change daily (see link below).There is also the „Q West“, a dining place near the building MA where you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktails from 9am to 10pm. Here, you can only pay with your unlocked Student ID card.

Canteen (German only)
Q West (German only)

13. Jobbing If you want to work in Germany it is advantageous to have some knowledge of the German language. Otherwise it will be difficult to get a job. For general information take a look at the first link below, where you also find information about taxes and social insurance. Income tax card: This card was disestablished in 2010. It is necessary to get a certificate of wage tax deduction at the local revenue office in your hometown. Without the certificate you won’t be able to earn money legally. There are several job boards where you can find jobs online, two of those are listed below.

Finance office Bochum South (German only)

Job boards:
Stellenanzeigen NRW (German only)

14. Internet Your student ID is also your ID for using the internet connection on the campus. You will get your password at the computer center in building IA, floor 00, room 95/150. Computer center at the campus:

Rechenzentrum (IT.Services) (German only)

15. Telephone If you plan to get a landline for your room/flat take a look at the links below. But be aware that most of the offers are combined with an internet or cell phone account and linked to a 24 months contract.

Telekom (German only)
1 und 1 (German only)
Student Mobile Campus Center (German only)
O2 (German only)

16. Translation websites If there are no English versions of the links provided, you may use one of the following translation sites we have collected for you. Most of them do whole websites.

Online Translator
Google Translator