ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation

People at ICAMS


Researchers from almost 30 countries are working at ICAMS and the Advanced Study Groups (see grey areas in figure below). 50% of the ICAMS staff is of German and 50% of foreign nationality. For ICAMS it is of vital importance to attract talented scientists from leading research institutions worldwide. Most scientists at ICAMS have a degree in the engineering, materials and physical sciences, followed by chemists, mathematicians and computer scientists. This diverse education of ICAMS researchers provides a good basis for the interdisciplinary research of ICAMS.

ICAMS has established a guest programme for external seminar speakers and visiting scientists from institutions all over the world.

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Nationalities at ICAMS. The countries of origin of ICAMS staff are highlighted in grey, in the countries with previous affiliations of ICAMS members are marked in blue, and the countries where both criteria are met are marked in grey-blue stripes.