ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation

Phase stabilities and martensitic transformations in Ti-Ta alloys

The proposed work is required as a start-up project for a new DFG research group on high temperature shape memory alloys. The aim is to provide preliminary results that are urgently required for the initial evaluation of the research group and serve as a good basis for the later research program. The new research group will be coordinated by Prof. H.J. Maier (University of Paderborn), and there will be different projects at RUB (ICAMS: LWW and AMS), University of Paderborn and the Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich. A preliminary proposal (Vorantrag) has already been rated “excellent” by DFG reviewers. Thus, there is a good chance for funding through the DFG in case the main proposal will be successful. In this case, there will be three AMS and LWW projects (plus additional projects in Paderborn and Munich) with a funding perspective of 6 years.

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