ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation

Software Development

Researchers at ICAMS develop and contribute to the development of materials simulation software. Several of these projects and links to the corresponding websites are shown below.



Most of ICAMS‘ software developments can be found in its github repositories.

Link to the repositories



OpenPhase is an open source software project targeted at the phase field simulations of complex scientific problems involving microstructure formation in systems undergoing first order phase transformation.

Project website




BOPfox is an analytical bond-order potential and tight binding program.

Project website



PyMob is an open source software library for assessment of the atomic mobility parameters for CALPHAD-type Kinetic Databases using the raw data which are the experimental tracer diffusion coefficients.

Project website



OpenCalphad is an open-source code by Bo Sundman, Ursula Kattner and Mauro Palumbo for performing thermodynamic calculations using the Calphad approach. The OC project was initiated by Suzana G. Fries as part of the Sapiens project at ICAMS.

Project website