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Department of Micromechanical and Macroscopic Modelling

The chair of Micromechanical and Macroscopic Modelling offers the following student projects. The precise topic and the duration of the project will be defined according to the type of student project, i.e. either project work or Bachelor or Master thesis. Please contact the named advisor or Prof. Alexander Hartmaier for further details.

Der Lehrstuhl Werkstoffmechanik bietet folgende Themen für Studierende an. Die genaue Thematik und der Arbeitsaufwand werden angepasst, je nachdem ob das Thema als Studien-, Projekt-, Bachelor- oder Masterarbeit behandelt werden soll. Bei Interesse nehmen Sie bitte mit dem genannten Betreuer oder mit Prof. Alexander Hartmaier Kontakt auf.

Currently, student projects are only available upon request, for more information please contact Prof. Alexander Hartmaier

  1. Master Thesis: Atomistic simulations of the mechanical behaviour of interfaces (Dr. Rebecca Janisch, Prof. Alexander Hartmaier)

    The group „mechanical properties of interfaces“ is investigating the atomistic origins of interface-related processes during deformation and fracture with molecular dynamics simulations or ab initio DFT-based calculations. Ongoing projects focus on segregation and embrittlement effects at grain boundaries in steel, the deformation mechanisms at interfaces in fcc metals, as well as size effects in lamellar structures. Topics for a student project or master thesis are available upon request.

    Contact: Dr. Rebecca Janisch or Prof. Alexander Hartmaier

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