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Three-dimensional model of martensitic transformations with elasto-plastic effects

J. Kundin, H. Emmerich, J. Zimmer.

Philosophical Magazine, 90, 1495-1510, (2010)

Martensitic transformations with elasto-plastic effects caused by the formation of dislocations in a parent austenite phase are studied by using a phase-field description. The method presented in this paper extends an existing microelastic model for the simulation of coherent martensitic transformations by taking into account the dislocation dynamics. Computational results show the difference between coherent and partially coherent martensitic transformation and illuminate elasto-plastic effects of transformation dislocations on the final martensitic microstructure.

Keyword(s): dislocations; elasticity; modelling; phase transformations; solid phase reactions
DOI: 10.1080/14786430903397305
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