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A thermodynamic assessment of the Al-Cu-Mg ternary system

T. Buhler, S. G. Fries, J. P. Spencer, H. L. Lukas.

Journal of Phase Equilibria, 19, 317-333, (1998)

A thermodynamic assessment of the Al-Cu-Mg ternary system is presented. The Gibbs energies for the liquid and solid solution phases were modeled using the Redlich-Kister polynomial and the Wagner-Schottky model represented by the compound-energy formalism. The model parameters were obtained after fitting to previously critically assessed experimental phase diagram and thermodynamic data available in the literature. The thermodynamic functions and phase diagram calculated using the model parameters describe quite well the known experimental information. The complete set of Gibbs energies for all phases appearing in this system enables the calculation of thermodynamic values as a function of composition and temperature even for those ranges where no experimental information is available.

DOI: 10.1361/105497198770342058
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