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Thermodynamic evaluation of the germanium-tellurium system

A. Schlieper, Y. Feutelais, S. G. Fries, B. Legendre.

Calphad, 23, 1-18, (1999)

In order to optimize the binary Ge-Te system available experimental data were critically compiled from the literature. The cubic high-temperature beta-phase and the rhomboedric room-temperature alpha-phase were described by a two-sublattice model with one kind of defect (vacancies on germanium sites). The room-temperature orthorhombic gamma-phase was treated as a stoichiometric compound. as there is a lack of information about its solubility. The liquid phase as modelled by the the associate model with one kind of associate, namely 'GeTe'. A set of thermodynamic parameters was obtained and the calculated phase diagram is presented.

Keyword(s): liquid ge-te; heat-capacity measurements; alloys; compound; temperature; transition
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