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Thermodynamic optimisation of the Pb-Tl binary system

S. G. Fries, I. Ansara, H. L. Lukas.

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 320, 228-233, (2001)

The phase diagram of the Pb-Tl binary system is experimentally well determined. Experimental thermodynamic values for all the phases involved are also available. For the liquid phase the temperature dependence of the enthalpy of mixing is also determined. in the present contribution, a consistent set of Gibbs energy functions of all the phases is obtained using the Redlich-Kister polynomial. The adjustable model parameters were determined by least-squares fit to the experimental data. A satisfactory agreement between experimental and calculated values is observed.

Keyword(s): CALPHAD; thermodynamic modelling; rapid solidification; Gulliver-Scheil model; Pb-TI alloys
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