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Enthalpies of formation of alloys measurements and thermodynamic description of the Ag-Cu-Zn system

V. T. Witusiewicz, S. G. Fries, U. Hecht, S. Rex.

International Journal of Materials Research, 97, 556-568, (2006)

The enthalpies of formation of β and γ alloys of the Ag–Cu–Zn system were determined by dissolution calorimetry. The melting and solid-state transformation temperatures as well as the enthalpies of the order/disorder and β/ξ transformations were measured by differential scanning calorimetry. Thermodynamic descriptions are presented for the binary Ag–Zn system and for the ternary Ag–Cu–Zn system in the entire composition ranges. The thermodynamic model parameters of the constituent binaries Ag–Cu and Cu–Zn are taken from earlier assessments. Those for Ag–Zn and the Ag–Cu–Zn system are established based on relevant experimental data available in the literature completed with experimental data obtained in the present work. Several vertical and isothermal sections as well as the liquidus surface and thermodynamic properties are calculated using the evaluated parameters and show reasonably good agreement with experimental data available.

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