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Application of evaluated thermodynamic data for light alloy systems to casting and heat treatment processes

P. J. Spencer, B. Meurer, I. Hurtado, T.Buhler, S. G. Fries.

Y. A. Chang, F. Sommer,

Thermodynamics of Alloy Formation, TMS, 295-311, (1997)

Examples are presented of the use of evaluated thermodynamic data for light metal alloys, in combination with different models, to provide constitutional information having direct application in casting and heat treatment processes. Both stable and metastable phase equilibria are involved in the two processes concerned. The development of the phase constitution is simulated for representative process conditions taking into account non-equilibrium cooling conditions and experimental diffusion data respectively. Tile examples presented relate to alloy combinations from the system Al-Mg-Si-Cu-Zn, which forms the basis for work currently in progress in the Department of Theoretical Metallurgy at RWTH Aachen.

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