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Large scale 3D phase-field simulation of γ ́ precipitation for coarsening in Ni-base superalloys

Date: 08.11.2013
Place: Materials Day, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Bochum, Germany

Mohan Rajendran
Oleg Shchyglo
Ingo Steinbach

Stability of the microstructure at elevated temperatures is the major factor controlling the performance of Ni-base super-alloys. The phases identified in this material are the disordered FCC matrix γ phase and the ordered precipitates γ ́ phase which have small misfit between them. Due to the high fraction of ordered precipitates of γ ́ phase it provides superior strength and resistance towards creep. During phase transformation, elastic stresses arise due to the lattice misfit among the phases. Elastic anisotropy in turn has a strong influence on the microstructure and its evolution, due to which the precipitates grow as cuboids. A1 crystal structure (γ) In this study we present a numerical simulation of microstructure formation of γ ́ precipitates in Ni-base superalloys. The processing conditions are numerically simulated with our in-house software 'OpenPhase' which is based on a multi-phase field multi-component model [Steinbach et al., 1996; Steinbach, 2009]. Several studies related to the processes with analysis of the obtained microstructure are presented.

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