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Large scale 3D phase-field simulation of γγ´ phase transformation in Ni-base superalloys

Date: 06.05.2013
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Place: ICAMS²: International Colloquium on Advanced Materials Simulation, ICAMS, Ruhr-University Bochum, Bochum, Germany

Mohan Rajendran
Oleg Shchyglo
Ingo Steinbach

Stability of the microstructure at elevated temperatures is the major factor controlling the performance of Ni-base super-alloys. The phases identified in this material are the FCC matrix (ɣ) and the ordered precipitates (ɣ‘) which have small misfit between them. Due to the high fraction of ordered precipitates of ɣ’ phase it provides superior strength and resistance towards creep. During phase transformation, elastic stresses arise due to this lattice misfit among the phases. Elastic anisotropy in turn has a strong influence on the microstructure and its evolution, due to which the precipitates grow as cuboids.

In this study we present a numerical simulation of microstructure formation of ɣ’ precipitates in Ni-base superalloys. The physical conditions are numerically simulated with our in-house software 'OpenPhase' which is based on a multi-phase field multi-component model [Steinbach et al., 1996; Steinbach, 2009]. Several studies related to the processes with analysis of the obtained microstructure are presented.

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