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Micromechanical modelling of tempered martensite

Date: 25.02.2014
Place: Schöntal symposium on dislocation based plasticity, Schöntal, Germany

Rehman Hameed
Martin Boeff
Anxin Ma
Victoria Yardley
Alexander Hartmaier

Tempered martensite ferritic steels (TMFS) are used in many applications of technological and economic importance, for example power generation, chemical plants and aerospace. Martensitic microstructures are formed by a diffusionless transformation from the fcc austenite phase, and are characterised by a specific crystal orientation relationship between parent and product phases and by a hierarchical morphology, in which prior austenite grains are subdivided into interpenetrating packets and the packets are further divided into blocks each consisting of tiny laths. Even after tempering, this type of microstructure plays a key role in the mechanical behaviour of martensitic steel (TMFS).

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