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Phase-field simulation of spinodal decomposition in Al alloys

Date: 28.07.2014
Place: 5th Sino-German Symposium, Bochum, Germany

Christian Schwarze
Reza Darvishi Kamachali
Ingo Steinbach

Aluminium alloys importance on the broad fields of engineering is unbroken and therefore the research of scientific backgrounds is still of significant interest. The understanding of complex processing routes of material microstructure are fundamental for guaranteeing required mechanical properties and applications. During precipitation hardening a single- phase alloy decompose in the miscibility gap into secondary phases which pass through different metastable states into a stable phase and provide additional strength. We make use of a recently developed dissipation model for interface [1, 2] to simulate 3D precipitation processes in Al alloys implemented into open source phase- field software, OpenPhase [3].

[1] I. Steinbach, L.Z. Zhang, M. Plapp, Acta Mater. 60:2702 (2012)
[2] I. Steinbach, Ann. Rev. Mater. Res. 43:89 (2013)
[3] www.openphase.de

Supporting information:

Schwarze_Phase-field simulation of spinodal decomposition in Al alloys_SinoGerman.pdf
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