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A meso-scale aproach to superalloys microstructure modeling

Date: 15.09.2014
Place: Modelling and simulation of superalloys, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Bochum, Germany

Mohan Rajendran
Siwen Gao
Anxin Ma
Oleg Shchyglo
Ingo Steinbach

Ni-base superalloys show a superior strength at elevated temperatures because of their precipitation hardening by the γ'[Ni3(Al, Ti)] phase in γ-phase matrix. It is known that the mechanical properties strongly depend on the distribution and size of the precipitates. Knowledge of the precipitate growth kinetics and identifying the controlling parameters is an important aspect of the design and development of superalloys. The present research work is directed towards the study of superalloys microstructure evolution during heat treatment and high temperature applications withing the framework of the SFB/TR103 "Superalloy Single Crystals”. We study γ-γ' microstructure under various conditions by a large scale three-dimensional phase field simulation. The microstructure evolution during different heat treatment cycles and under service conditions are numerically simulated using our in-house open-source library OpenPhase.

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