ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation


Phase-field model of solid state transformations with large deformation and plastic activity

Date: 23.09.2015
Place: Euromat 2015, Warsaw, Poland

Oleg Shchyglo
Efim Borukhovich
Adam Gießmann
Philipp Engels
Ingo Steinbach

The phase-field method have emerged as the method of choice for simulation of microstructure evolution and phase-transformations in material science. In solid state almost any phase-transformation involves volumetric or deviatoric distortion as well as strain driven diffusion. For large distortion also plastic activity needs to be considered. In the talk the principles of phase-field modeling in a thermodynamic consistent framework will be reviewed shortly. An Alternating Eulerian-Lagrangian framework coupled to a crystal plasticity model will be outlined to consider large deformation on a fixed numerical grid. Examples will be presented from martensitic transformation, strain affected diffusion in growth of pearlite and swelling of Li-ion battery material during intercalation.

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