ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation


The role of stress and structure fluctuations for plastic response

Date: 27.09.2016
Time: 11:20 a.m.
Place: 3rd International Workshop on Nonlinear Response in Complex Matter, Primošten, Croatia

Fathollah Varnik

The response of amorphous materials to external load is of great practical and theoretical interest. Early experiments on bubble rafts and computer simulations of model glasses reveal that elementary shear transformation event involve rearrangement of particles in small domains with a linear size of a few particle diameters. Mesoscopic elasto-plastic models highlight the role of system spanning elastic propagators for localized plastic deformation. Recent experiments and simulations of hard sphere glasses underline the possible role of anisotropic correlations of plastic activity for shear banding. Microscopic theories, on the other hand, emphasize the role of local structure for the response to an externally imposed shear or stress.

In this work, the role of the fluctuations of the local structure, local forces and correlations thereof is studied via molecular dynamics simulations. We observe similarities in the spatial pattern of the plastic deformation and those of the force acting on individual particles.

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