ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation


Magnetic phase-field coupling

Date: 25.06.2018
Place: 10 Years ICAMS - International Symposium, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

Liu Huo
Oleg Shchyglo
Ingo Steinbach

Magnetism plays a very important role in the microstructure in materials. For example, it is proved that even in non-ferromagnetic materials, the external magnetic field also leads a grain orientation selection. Thus, taking the magnetism into consideration is to some extent necessary in simulation work. In our work, we are trying to develop a method that couples the magnetism and microstructure together. We firstly build a continuum model for the magnetic moments and magnetic free energy. Then we take the commonly used Time Dependent Ginzburg-landau equation for magnetization to solve the energy dissipation of magnetic moments. By taking advantage of the multi-phase-field method we can also solve the grain boundary motion simultaneously. With the help of this model we are able to simulate the magnetic driven grain boundary motion. It is also possible to simulate the magnetostriction by considering the magneto-elastic coupling energy.

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