ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation


Atomistic simulations of mechanical behaviour

Date: 12.10.2018
Place: Particle-based Simulations for Hard and Soft Matter-CECAM Summer School University of Stuttgart, Germany

Ashish Chauniyal

Atomistic simulations are widely used to understand various aspects of mechanical behavior in metals. They provide a real time picture of the various process taking place at an atomic scale. These underlying processes, which take place- while a material deforms-, are discussed, along with various simulation techniques employed to observe them. An introduction to dislocations is provided and their significant role in governing mechanical behavior is discussed. Some results and simulation techniques of dislocation interface interactions are discussed. In the second part of the talk an introduction to amorphous metals is provided along with results of atomistic simulations of deformation behavior. In summary atomistic simulation techniques and results of both crystalline and amorphous metals are compared along with deformation mechanisms.

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