ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation


X-ray non-destructive testing of materials and composites

Date: 12.11.2020
Time: 12:00
Place: Zoom meeting Meeting-ID: 926 2097 9809 Passwort: waske

Anja Waske, BAM, Berlin, Germany

Functional materials for energy conversion are important technology drivers needed for the implementation of low carbon energy. Therefore, researchers commonly focus on improving the intrinsic properties of a functional material. However, for applications, the extrinsic properties are at least as important as the intrinsic ones. Consequently, it is important to investigate and understand the external and internal structure of semi-finished products and especially defect dependent properties. The extrinsic properties may change during application and the life cycle of the material as well as through processing and molding steps. Our studies show how X-ray tomographic (XCT) investigations can contribute to structure investigations in composites and massive samples using the example of magnetic materials for energy conversion.)

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