ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation


Modelling and simulation of metal plasticity on and across different length scales

Date: 23.04.2010
Place: Seminar des Instituts für Eisenhüttenkunde (IEHK) der RWTH Aachen, Aachen, Germany

Bernhard Eidel

In this talk we will present a selection of different modeling approaches and simulation techniques for metals at different length scales. (i) Atomistic-based, adaptive multiscale finite element framework enabling the seamless transition from fully atomistic resolution to a "coarse-grained" description. (ii) Crystal plasticity model accounting for the discrete nature of plastic glide in discrete slip systems. (iii) A continuum constitutive model for orthotropic elastoplasticity at finite plastic strains. A main thrust of the talk is to explain the basic ideas for modelling and method development, and to address the range of applicability. Numerical simulations of representative applications will showcase the predictive capacity of each modelling approach. We present results on (i) the initial stages of plastic deformation at the nanoscale by means of the atomistic-based multiscale approach. (ii) The complex pile-up deformation pattern of an fcc single crystal subject to microindentation is simulated by means of a crystal plasticity model and compared to experiments (iii) At the macroscale, a continuum model of elastoplasticity is applied for the finite element simulation of typical forming processes such as deep-drawing. This presentation is partially based on joint work with A. Stukowski and N. Prajapati.

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