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Phase-field modeling of dendritic solidification morphology

Date: 03.02.2010
Place: The 2nd International Symposium on Cutting Edge of Computer Simulation of Solidification and Casting (CSSC) 2010 Sapporo, Japan

Ingo Steinbach

The consistent theoretical description of dendritic solidification has been a success story in solidification science in the last decades. Not only the interplay between solute redistribution and heat, latent heat release and heat extraction in a casting environment have been made accessible to modelling and simulation approaches, moreover the fundamental laws of scale selection are conceptually understood today. The phase-field theory with thin interface asymptotics has been established to simulate dendritic growth of alloys quantitatively. However, due to the large computational cost of respective simulations, or due to the difficult generalization of the theoretical models to technical situation, many published simulation results remain stalled on a qualitative level. The talk will give a short overview about limitations and challenges of phase-field modeling of dendritic growth. A set of simulation examples is presented that form a set of bench marks for software developers and users. Finally, recent results from investigation of dendrite morphology selection in directional dendritic growth will be presented.

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