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Deformation of the strand shell during peritectic transformation

Date: 24.08.2010
Place: Materials Science and Engineering Conference (MSE)2010, Darmstadt, Germany

Mingming Zeng
Ingo Steinbach

The high susceptibility of peritectic steel grades against hot tearing is a well known problems in metallurgy. The obvious reason for this problem is the contraction of the atomic lattice during transformation from ferrite to austenite at temperatures close to the melting point of steel. Due to the complexity of this problem, the resulting deformation of the strand shell is not well understood till today. We demonstrate the applicability of a coupled phase-field and mechanical simulation. In the simulation of three-dimensional dendritic growth, we choose appropriate model parameters such as anisotropy, interfacial anisotropy, solute diffusivities, elastic- plastic constants in order to make the simulation applicable to realistic process conditions as provided by industry.

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