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Prediction of the pearlite fraction using phase field simulations

Date: 14.09.2011
Place: EUROMAT 2011 - European Congress on Advanced Materials and Processes, Montpellier, France

Adam Gießmann
Oleg Shchyglo
Ingo Steinbach

The pearlitic transformation has been an interesting scientific topic since the pioneering work of C. Zener many decades ago. During that transformation austenite decomposes into a lamellar structure of ferrite and cementite. In the case of hypoeutectoid steels, first ferrite forms while the retained austenite gets enriched with carbon. At the eutectoid temperature the retained austenite transforms into pearlite, producing a microstructure consists of coarsen hypoeutectoid ferrite particles and pearlitic islands. This two phases posses different properties, which makes the determination of the phase fractions important.

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