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Simulation of sintering process by combined phase-field and lattice Boltzmann simulation

Date: 14.09.2011
Place: EUROMAT 2011 - European Congress on Advanced Materials and Processes, Montpellier, France

Alfredo Rios Nogues
Markus Gross
Fathollah Varnik
Ingo Steinbach

Sintering processes involve a solid-liquid-gas phases close to equilibrium and are driven by surface effects. For solid-liquid transitions phase-field models are well established. Liquid-gas transitions are well described by free energy based Lattice-Boltzmann methods. Both methods coincide with respect to a Ginzburg-Landau type free energy formulation.

First, viscous sintering process is considered at the first stage using the Lattice-Boltzmann method, where i.e. the relative density evolution during time sintering and shrinkage can be described with this method. It provides a first insight about the mechanisms of sintering at mesoscopic scale. In the next step, a phase-field formulation is introduced which will allow for distinction of the individual grains.

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