ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation


Phase-field modelling of diffusion in solids

Date: 25.09.2012
Place: MSE 2012, Darmstadt, Germany

Nega Alemayehu
Efim Borukhovich
Ulrich Preiss
Ingo Steinbach

Diffusion in solids is a key material property in industry and research. The morphology and size of grains or particles, the inhomogeneity of concentrations, interface mobility and defects are amongst the factors influencing diffusion profiles. The phase field method is well-suited to include morphological influences on the diffusion especially at the mesoscale1. For this presentation, the effects of morphology, size and arrangement of nanoparticles embedded in a matrix material on the diffusion kinetics were studied.

Diffusion in solids is also strongly influenced by external or self induced mechanical stress. Elastic energy gradients might lead to composition fluxes opposing or contributing to the Fickian diffusion flux. The resulting elastic contribution was studied in detail. The effect of the composition on elastic properties was included in the theoretical framework. An approach for strong (plastic) deformation modeling developed within the openphase framework will also be presented.

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