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Role of grain and phase boundaries on deformation and internal stresses during deformation of TRIP assisted multiphase steels

Date: 08.11.2012
Place: Materials Day Ruhr-University Bochum, Bochum, Germany

Satyapriya Gupta
Anxin Ma
Alexander Hartmaier

TRIP assisted multi phase steels contain austenite (FCC), ferrite (BCC) and martensite (BCT) which exhibit high strength with high ductility. But at the same time high material heterogeneity due to phase and grain boundaries and highly inhomogeneous phase transformation are present in the material . These heterogeneities cause non uniform deformation and high internal stresses during deformation of these steels . High internal stresses and strain gradients caused by non uniform plastic deformation are closely related to deformation properties and failure of the material. This study aims at investigating the effect of strain gradients and internal stresses caused by phase and grain boundaries, on global and local deformation behaviour of such materials with the help of simulation and relevant experiments.

Supporting information:

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