ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation


Crystal plasticity modelling on single crystal and polycrystal of a ferritic steel sheet

Date: 07.10.2012
Place: Materials Science & Technology 2012 Pittsburgh, USA

Junhe Lian
Siwen Gao
Mohamed Sharaf
Napat Vajragupta
Benjamin Schmaling
Anxin Ma
Sebastian Münstermann
Alexander Hartmaier
Wolfgang Bleck

Understanding the correlation between materials microstructure and mechanical deformation properties is of importance to sheet forming industry. Multiscale modeling of material behavior is therefore introduced to link the microstructural features to macroscopic continuum materials properties. In this study, crystal plasticity modeling on single grain and polycrystal levels is con-ducted. The nanoidentiation test on a single grain of a steel sheet is used to calibrate the materials parameters of the single crystal plasticity model with the assistant of the load–depth curve and the comparisons of surface topologies of the pile-ups. With the calibrated parameters, the macro-scopic description of the mechanical behavior is predicted by incorporating a full-field homoge-nization scheme based on the finite element treatment of representative volume elements.

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