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International Journal of Materials Research features ICAMS articles


This year's November issue of the International Journal of Materials Research, Int. J. Mat. Res. 100 (2009) 11, Editorial: Multiscale materials simulation: the maturing of a scientific concept by I. Steinbach features four ICAMS articles:

T. Hammerschmidt, R. Drautz, D.G. Pettifor
Atomistic modelling of materials with bond-order potentials, page 1479-1487

R. Janisch, C. Elsässer
Interstitial impurities at grain boundaries in metals: insight from atomistic calculations, page 1488-1493

F. Varnik, K. Binder
Multiscale modeling of polymers at interfaces, pages 1494-1502

B. Eidel
Coupling atomistic accuracy with continuum effectivity for predictive simulations in materials research – the Quasicontinuum Method, pages 1503-1512

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