ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation


ICAMS Special Seminar by A. Ludwig


Alfred Ludwig
Institute of Materials
Ruhr-Universität, Bochum

Development of New Materials using High-Throughput Methods

For further miniaturization of technological products, increased sensitivity and response, quicker performance and operation in extreme conditions, new or optimized multifunctional materials are needed. These can be e ectively developed by using thin lm combinatorial and high-throughput experimentation methods as well as dedicated MEMS tools (e.g. cantilever and micro-hotplate arrays) for parallel materials science experiments. The materials to be investigated are deposited in the form of materials libraries by special magnetron sputter deposition methods (co-deposition, wedge-type multilayer deposition, shadow masking). These materials libraries are subsequently processed and characterized by high-throughput experimentation methods (automated EDX, XRD, temperature-dependent resistance and stress screening) in order to relate compositional information with structural and functional properties. The talk will cover examples of the combinatorial development of thermally activated shape memory (Ni-Ti-X-Y), ferromagnetic shape memory (Fe-Pd-X) and hydrogen storage materials (Mg-X), from binary to quaternary systems. The obtained results are visualized in the form of compositionfunction diagrams.

date: 11.12.2009
place: UHW 11/1102
time: 3 pm

For more information contact: Rebecca.Janisch@rub.de

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