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ICAMS Special Seminar by G. Kang


Professor Guozheng Kang
Department of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu 610031, China

Ratcheting Behavior and Ratcheting-Fatigue Interaction of Engineering Materials

Abstract: In this presentation, macroscopic experimental observations for the ratcheting behavior and ratcheting-fatigue interaction of some engineering materials are introduced rst, and then some corresponding cyclic constitutive models constructed in the framework of phenomenological visco-plasticity at in nitesimal strain are outlined. Finally, some topics necessary to be studied in the future are provided. The outline of the presentation is:

I) Ratcheting Behavior of Metal Materials

-Experimental Observations
  Uniaxial and multiaxial ratcheting;
  Time-dependent ratcheting;

-Constitutive Models
  Cyclic visco-plastic constitutive model for multiaxial ratcheting;
  Constitutive models for time-dependent ratcheting;

II) Ratcheting-Fatigue Interaction

-Experimental Observations;
  Whole-life ratcheting;
  Fatigue failure;

-Constitutive Models
  Damage-coupled cyclic constitutive model for ratcheting-fatigue interaction

III) Discussion on Future Topics

The seminar takes place at 3:00 p.m. in the ICAMS seminar room UHW 11/1102, Stiepeler Straße 129, 44801 Bochum.

For further information contact Bernhard Eidel, bernhard.eidel@rub.de.

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