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A hybrid approach for modelling of plasticity and failure behaviour of advanced high-strength steel sheets

J. Lian, M. Sharaf, F. Archie, S. Münstermann.

International Journal of Damage Mechanics, 22, 188-218, (2013)

The ductile damage mechanisms dominating in modern high-strength steels have emphasised the significance of the onset of damage and the subsequent damage evolution in sheet metal forming processes. This paper contributes to the modelling of the plasticity and ductile damage behaviour of a dual-phase steel sheet by proposing a new damage mechanics approach derived from the combination of different types of damage models. It addresses the influence of stress state on the plasticity behaviour and onset of damage of materials, and quantifies the microstructure degradation using a dissipation-energy-based damage evolution law. The model is implemented into ABAQUS/Explicit by means of a user material subroutine (VUMAT) and applied to the subsequent numerical simulations. A hybrid experimental and numerical approach is employed to calibrate the material parameters, and the detailed program is demonstrated. The calibrated parameters and the model are then verified by experiments at different levels, and a good agreement between the experimental and numerical results is achieved.

DOI: 10.1177/1056789512439319
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