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Phase field modeling of phase transitions stimulated by Joule heating

A. Monas, R. Spatschek, C. Hüter, F. Tabatabaei, E. Brener, M. Apel.

Journal of Crystal Growth, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 375, 39-48, (2013)


We study the motion of a planar thermal wave, which is simultaneously a phase boundary in a thin film, driven by the application of an electrical current and Jouleheating. Based on theoretical modeling by Brener and Temkin (1996) we employa phase field model that reproduces the analytical predictions for planar frontpropagation and interface stability. Three-dimensional simulations of the growthof a filament advancing from one electrode to the otherdemonstrate theapplicability of the model towards more complex geometries and problems originating from the microstructure formation in phase change materials.

Keyword(s): growth models; phase-field; thermoelectric effects; computer simulation; morphological stability
DOI: 10.1016/j.jcrysgro.2013.04.017
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