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Ingot metallurgy and microstructural characterization of Ti–Ta alloys

J. Zhang, R. Rynko, J. Frenzel, C. Somsen, G. Eggeler.

International Journal of Materials Research, 105, 156-167, (2014)

In the present work we perform a detailed investigation of ingot metallurgy processing routes of Ti-30Ta, a shape memory alloy with a good potential for applications at higher temperatures. There is currently considerable interest in high temperature shape memory alloys, both in industry (automotive and aerospace applications) and in academia. By means of scanning electron microscopy, we provide recommendations on the number of remelting cycles in the vacuum arc melting process, and on annealing temperatures/times in order to obtain chemical homogeneity. It is also shown that this is required to obtain well defined differential scanning calorimeter charts, which facilitates characterization and investigations of martensitic transformation in this alloy. Areas in need of further work are identified.

DOI: 10.3139/146.111010
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